Units of Competency
Module Title
Learning Outcomes
Nominal Duration
(18 hours)
1. Participate in workplace communication 1.1 Participating in workplace communication 1.1.1 Obtain and convey workplace information
1.1.2 Complete relevant work-related document
1.1.3 Participate in workplace meeting and discussion
4 hours
2. Work in a team environment 2.1 Participating in workplace communication 2.1.1 Describe and identify team role and responsibility
2.1.2 Describe work as a team member
4 hours
3. Practice career professionalism 3.1 Participating in workplace communication 3.1.1 Integrate personal objectives with organizational goals.
3.1.2 Set and meet work priorities.
3.1.3 Maintain professional growth and development.
5 hours
4. Practice occupational health and safety procedures 4.1 Participating in workplace communication 4.1.1 Identify hazards and risks.
4.1.2 Evaluate hazards and risks.
4.1.3 Control hazards and risks.
4.1.4 Maintain occupational health and safety awareness.
5 hours
(54 hours)
1. Apply quality standards 1.1 Applying quality standards 1.1.1 Assess quality of received materials
1.1.2 Assess own work
1.1.3 Engage in quality improvement
9 hours
2. Perform computer operations 2.1 Performing computer operations 2.1.1 Plan and prepare for tasks to be undertaken
2.1.2 Input data into computer
2.1.3 Access information using computer
2.1.4 Produce output/datd using computer system
2.1.5 Use basic functions of a web browser to locate information
2.1.6 Maintain computer equipment and systems
9 hours
3. Perform mensuration and calculation 3.1 Performing mensuration and calculation 3.1.1 Select measuring instruments
3.1.2 Carry out measurements and calculation
3.1.3 Maintain measuring instruments
9 hours
4. Prepare and interpret technical drawing 4.1 Preparing and interpreting technical drawing 4.1.1 Identify different kinds of technical drawings
4.1.2 Interpret technical drawing
4.1.3 Prepare/make changes on electrical/electronic schematics and drawings
9 hours
5. Use hand tools 5.1 Using hand tools 5.1.1 Plan and prepare for tasks to be undertaken
5.1.2 Prepare hand tools
5.1.3 Use appropriate hand tools and test equipment
5.1.4 Maintain hand tools
9 hours
6. Terminate and connect electrical wiring and electronics circuit 6.1 Terminating and connect electrical wiring and electronics circuit 6.1.1 Plan and prepare for termination/connection of electrical
wiring/electronics circuits
6.1.2 Terminate/connect wiring/electronic circuits
6.1.3 Test termination/connections of electrical wiring/electronics circuits
9 hours
(320 hours)
1. Install computer systems and networks 1.1 Installing computer systems and networks 1.1.1 Plan and prepare for installation
1.1.2 Install equipment/device system
1.1.3 Conduct test
60 hours
2. Diagnose and troubleshoot computer systems 2.1 Diagnosing and trouble shooting computer systems 2.1.1 Plan and prepare for diagnosis of faults of computer systems
2.1.2 Diagnose faults of computer systems
2.1.3 Repair defects in computer systems and networks
2.1.4 Test systems and networks
100 hours
3. Configure computer systems and networks 3.1 Configuring computer systems and networks 3.1.1 Plan and prepare for configuration
3.1.2 Configure computer systems and networks
3.1.3 Inspect and test configured computer systems and networks
100 hours
4. Maintain computer systems and networks 4.1 Maintaining computer systems and networks 4.1.1 Plan and prepare for the maintenance of computer systems and networks
4.1.2 Maintain computer systems
4.1.3 Maintain network systems
4.1.4 Inspect and test configured/repaired computer system and networks
60 hours

© 2016 JE MONDEJAR COMPUTER COLLEGE, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines
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