Units of Competency
Module Title
Learning Outcomes
Nominal Duration
(28 hours)
1. Receive and respond to workplace communication 1.1 Receiving and responding to workplace communication 1.1.1 Explain routinary speaking and messages in a workplace.
1.1.2 Follow routinary speaking and message
1.1.3 Perform work duties following written notices
8 hours
2. Work with others 2.1 Working with others 2.1.1 Develop effective workplace relationship
2.1.2 Contribute to work group activities
6 hours
3. Demonstrate work values 3.1 Demonstrating work values 3.1.1 Define the purpose of work
3.1.2 Apply work values/ethics
3.1.3 Deal with ethical problems
3.1.4 Maintain integrity of conduct in the workplace
8 hours
4. Practice housekeeping procedures 4.1 Practicing housekeeping procedures 4.1.1 Sort and remove unnecessary items
4.1.2 Arrange items
4.1.3 Maintain work areas, tools and equipment
4.1.4 Follow standardized work process and procedures
4.1.5 Perform work spontaneously
6 hours
(20 hours)
1. Apply appropriate sealant/adhesive 1.1 Applying appropriate sealant/adhesive 1.1.1 Identify appropriate sealant/adhesive
1.1.2 Prepare surface for sealant/adhesive application
1.1.3 Apply sealant/adhesive evenly
1.1.4 Store unused and dispose used sealant/adhesive
3 hours
2. Move and position vehicle 2.1 Moving and positioning vehicle 2.1.1 Prepare vehicle for driving
2.1.2 Move and position vehicle
2.1.3 Check the vehicle
3 hours
3. Perform mensuration and calculation 3.1 Performing mensuration and calculation 3.1.1 Select measuring instrument and carry out measurement and calculations
3.1.2 Maintain measuring instrument
4 hours
4. Read, interpret and apply specifications and manual 4.1 Reading, interpreting and applying specifications and manual 4.1.1 Identify/access manuals and interpret data and specification
4.1.2 Apply information accessed in manual
4.1.3 Store manual
4 hours
5. Use and apply lubricant/coolant 5.1 Using and applying lubricant/coolant 5.1.1 Identify type of lubricant/coolant
5.1.2 Use and apply lubricant/coolant
3 hours
6. Perform shop maintenance 6.1 Performing shop maintenance 6.1.1 Inspect/clean tools and shop equipment
6.1.2 Store/arrange tools and shop equipment
6.1.3 Dispose waste/used lubricant
6.1.4 Report damaged tools/equipment
3 hours
(240 hours)
1. Perform diesel engine tune up 1.1 Installing computer systems and networks 1.1.1 Set and install injection pump to engine
1.1.2 Inspect injection timing
1.1.3 Bleed injection system components
1.1.4 Conduct compression testing
34 hours
2. Perform gas engine tune up 2.1 Performing gas engine tune-up 2.1.1 Measure/adjust valve tappet clearance
2.1.2 Test spark plug
2.1.3 Check/replace fuel and air filter
2.1.4 Test and replace ignition breaker
2.1.5 Check and adjust distributor setting
2.1.6 Set fuel mixture and idle rpm
2.1.7 Perform compression testing
34 hours
3. Service automotive battery 3.1 Servicing automotive battery 3.1.1 Identify and explain the operation and safe handling of different types of battery
3.1.2 Demonstrate the testing of an automotive battery
3.1.3 Demonstrate the correct procedure for removing and replacing batteries
3.1.4 Demonstrate the correct procedure for servicing and charging batteries
3.1.5 Demonstrate the procedure of jump starting a battery
40 hours
4. Service ignition system 4.1 Servicing ignition system 4.1.1 Identify and explain the function of ignition system components 4.1.2 Check ignition coil, ballast resistor and high-tension cable resistance 4.1.3 Check distributor assembly
36 hours
5. Test and repair wiring/lighting system 5.1 Testing and repairing wiring/lighting system 5.1.1 Explain the principles of auto electricity
5.1.2 Identify the component of auto lighting system and explain its function
5.1.3 Install wiring/lighting system
5.1.4 Test electrical system, identify faults and determine preferred action
5.1.5 Carry out necessary repairs in the electrical system
56 hours
6. Perform underchassis preventive maintenance 6.1 Performing underchassis preventive maintenance 6.1.1 Check clutch and brake fluid and lines
6.1.2 Inspect and change power transmission/differential gear oil
6.1.3 Inspect/replace power steering fluid
6.1.4 Check/refill automatic transmission fluid
6.1.5 Inspect/bleed air tank
6.1.6 Check tire and tire pressure
6.1.7 Check underchassis body bolts and nuts
40 hours

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