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Commercial Cooking NC II

Units of Competency
Module Title
Learning Outcomes
Nominal Duration
(18 hours)
1. Participate in Workplace Communication 1.1 Participating in Workplace Communication Parts of speech
Sentence construction
Effective communication
Communicating with the employer
Communicating with other members of the household
Familiarizing with common places and Singaporean terminologies
Basic mathematics
Technical writing
Types of forms
Recording information
4 hours
2. Work in a Team Environment 2.1 Working in a Team Environment 2.1.1 Team role in the household
2.1.2 Relationship and responsibilities
2.1.3 Role and responsibilities with team environment/ household
2.1.4 Relationship within a team/household member
2.1.5 Communication process
2.1.6 Team structure / team roles in the household
2.1.7 Group planning and decision making in the household
4 hours
3. Practice Career Professionalism 3.1 Practicing Career Professionalism 3.1.1 Personal Development-Social
3.1.2 Aspects: Intra and Interpersonal Development
3.1.3 Personal Hygiene and Practices
3.1.4 Work Values and Ethical Standards
3.1.5 Household policies on the use and maintenance of equipment
3.1.6 Gender and Development (GAD) Sensitivity
3.1.7 Professionalism in the Workplace/ household
5 hours
4. Practice Occupational Health and Safety Proceduress 4.1 Practicing Occupational Health and Safety Procedures 4.1.1 Hazards and risks identification and control
4.1.2 Household safety and health protocol
4.1.3 OHS indicators
4.1.4 Effects of hazards in the workplace
4.1.5 Ergonomics
4.1.6 Safety Regulations
4.1.7 Electrical and Fire Safety Code
4.1.8 Waste management
4.1.9 Disaster Preparedness and Management
4.1.10 Contingency Measures and Procedures
4.1.11 Operational health and safety procedure, practices and regulations
4.1.12 Emergency-related drills and training
4.1.13 Management systems and procedures for infection control
4.1.14 Transmission and control of Communicable diseases
5 hours
(18 hours)
1. Develop And Updated Industry Knowledge 1.1 Developing And Updating Industry Knowledge 1.1.1 Information sources.
1.1.2 Information to assist effective work performance
2 hours
2. Observe Workplace Hygiene Procedures 2.1 Observing Workplace Hygiene Procedures Personal grooming and hygiene.
Typical hygienic and control procedures in the hospitality and tourism industries.
Overview of legislation and regulation in relation to food handling, personal and general hygiene.
Knowledge on factors which contribute to workplace hygiene problems.
General hazards in handling of food, linen and laundry and garbage, including major causes of contamination and cross-infection.
Sources of and reasons for food poisoning.
Hygienic risks, minimizing or removing.
4 hours
3. Perform Computer Operations 3.1 Performing Computer Operations Main types of computers and basic features of different operating systems.
Main parts of a computer.
Storage devices and basic categories of memory.
Relevant types of software.
General security.
OH and S principles and responsibilities.
Basic ergonomics of keyboard and computer use.
General security.
Reading skills to interpret instructions.
Use of desktop icons.
Keyboard techniques
OH and S principles and responsibilities.
Printing techniques.
Types of printers. Peripherals.
OH and S principles and responsibilities.
4 hours
  3.1 Maintaining Computer Equipment And System 3.2.1 Occupational health and safety
3.2.2 PC systems
3.2.3 Use of tools
3.2.4 Mathematical computations
3.2.5 Electrical/electronic theory
3.2.6 Drawing interpretation
3.2.7 Computer interpretation
3.2.8 Viruses
3.2.9 Use of problem solving in emergency situation
3.2.10 Removing viruses from infected machines
3.2.11 Electrical/electronic theory
3.2.12 Computer operation
3.2.13 Viruses
3.2.14 Use of problem solving in emergency situation
3.2.15 Removing viruses from infected machines
4. Perform Workplace And Safety Practices 4.1 Performing Workplace And Safety Practices Correct health, safety and security practices in line with workplace procedures. Safe and proper work techniques in using devices and equipment
Hazard identification and control
Security of documents, cash, equipment and people.
Types / kinds of emergency.
Emergency procedure – recognition, action and prevention.
First aid procedures.
Use of PPE
Safe and proper posture.
4 hours
5. Provide Effective Customer Service 5.1 Providing Effective Customer Service Components of communication, communication process and barriers of communication.
Verbal and non-verbal communication.
Body language, gestures, facial expressions, mannerisms.
Customs and traditions of different races.
Modes of greeting and fare welling according to cultural and social differences.
Enhancement of interpersonal and listening skills.
Good working attitude and pleasant approach.
Public relations skills.
Modes of greeting and farewell.
Proper addressing of needs of persons. (by gender, age, status, physical condition)
Style manual requirement.
Standard letters and proformas.
Telephone manners, proper use of fax machine.
Proper way of taking queries.
Responses to queries.
Taking telephone messages.
Proper way of answering complaints in line with workplace procedures.
Nature and details of complaints.
Industry/ workplace procedures in giving evaluation and recommendations.
4 hours
(400 hours)
1. Clean and maintain kitchen premises 1.1 Cleaning and maintain kitchen premises 1.1.1 Clean, sanitize, and store equipment
1.1.2 Clean and sanitize premises
1.1.3 Handle waste and linen
15 hours
2. Organize and prepare food 2.1 Organizing and preparing food 2.1.1 Prepare Tools and Equipment for use
2.1.2 Assemble and prepare ingredients for menu items
2.1.3 Prepare dairy, dry goods, fruits and vegetable
20 hours
3. Select, prepare and cook meat 3.1 Selecting, preparing and cooking meat 3.1.1 Select meats
3.1.2 Prepare and potion meat
3.1.3 Cook and present meat cuts for service
3.1.4 Store meat
40 hours
4. Receive and store kitchen supplies 4.1 Receiving and storing kitchen supplies 4.1.1 Take delivery of supplies
4.1.2 Store supplies
4.1.3 Rotate and maintain supplies
20 hours
5. Prepare stocks, sauces and soups 5.1 Preparing stocks sauces and soups 5.1.1 Prepare stocks, glazes and essences required for menu items.
5.1.2 Prepare soups required for menu items
5.1.3 Prepare sauces required for menu items
5.1.4 Store and reconstitute stocks, sauces and soups.
20 hours
6. Prepare, cook and serve food for menus 6.1 Preparing, cooking and serving food for menus 6.1.1 Coordinate, organize and prepare for food service
6.1.2 Cook and serve menu items for food service
6.1.3 Coordinate and complete end of service requirements
25 hours
7. Prepare appetizers and salads 7.1 Preparing appetizers and salads 7.1.1 Prepare and present a variety of salad and dressings
7.1.2 Prepare and present a range of hot and cold appetizers
7.1.3 Store appetizers and salads
20 hours
8. Prepare sandwiches 8.1 Preparing sandwiches 8.1.1 Prepare and present variety of sandwiches
8.1.2 Store sandwiches
25 hours
9. Prepare, vegetables fruits, eggs and starch products 9.1 Preparing vegetables, fruits, eggs and starch products 9.1.1 Prepare vegetable and fruit dishes
9.1.2 Prepare starch dishes
9.1.3 Prepare and cook egg-based dishes
9.1.4 Store vegetables, egg and starch foodstuffs
30 hours
10. Prepare and cook poultry and game 10.1 Preparing and cooking poultry and game 10.1 Select and purchase poultry and game
10.2 Handle and store poultry and game
10.3 Prepare, cook and present poultry and game
40 hours
11. Prepare and portion controlled meat cuts 11. aring and portioning controlled meat cuts 11.1.1 Select suppliers and purchase meats
11.1.2 Prepare and produce a range of portion controlled meats
11.1.3 Prepare and produce meat products
11.1.4 Store meat cuts and meat products
20 hours
12. Prepare and cook sea foods 12.1 Preparing and cooking sea foods 12.1.1 Select and store seafood 12.1.2 Prepare and cook fish and shellfish
30 hours
13. Prepare hot and cold desserts 13.1 Preparing hot and cold desserts 13.1.1 Prepare and Produce desserts
13.1.2 Decorate, portion and present desserts
13.1.3 Prepare sweet sauces
13.1.4 Prepare accompaniments, garnishes and decorations
13.1.5 Store desserts
20 hours
14. Prepare pastry, cakes, and yeast-based products 14.1 Preparing pastry, cakes and yeast based products 14.1.1 Prepare, decorate and present pastries and cakes
14.1.2 Prepare and produce yeast products
14.1.3 Portion and store pastry, Cakes and bread goods.
14.1.4 Prepare food for service
14.1.2 Portion and plate food
14.1.3 Work in team
40 hours
15. Present food 15.1 Presenting food 15.1.1 Prepare food for service
15.1.2 Portion and plate food
15.1.3 Work in team
20 hours
16. Package prepared foodstuff 16.1 Packaging of prepared foodstuff 16.1.1 Ensure food suitable for packaging, storage and transportation
16.1.2 Select packaging appropriate to specific food
16.1.3 Package food according to needs
15 hours

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