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Commercial Cooking NC III

Units of Competency
Module Title
Learning Outcomes
Nominal Duration
(20 hours)
1. Lead workplace communication 1.1 Communication skills for team leaders 1.1.1 Communicate information about workplace processes
1.1.2 Lead workplace discussions
1.1.3 Identify and communicate issues arising in the workplace
4 hours
2. Lead small team 2.1 Leading small team 2.1.1 Provide team leadership.
2.1.2 Assign responsibilities among members.
2.1.3 Set performance expectation for team members.
2.1.4 Supervise team performance
2 hours
3. Develop and practice negotiation skills 3.1 Negotiation skills 3.1.1 Identify relevant information in planning negotiations
3.1.2 Participate in negotiations
3.1.3 Document areas for agreement
4 hours
4. Solve workplace problems related to work activities 4.1 Identifying/ determining fundamental cause of problem 4.1.1 Explain the analytical techniques
4.1.2 Identify the problem
4.1.3 Determine the possible cause/s of the problem
4 hours
5. Use mathematical concepts and techniques 5.1 Using mathematical concepts and techniques 5.1.1 Identify mathematical tools and techniques to solve problem
5.1.2 Apply mathematical procedures/solution
5.1.3 Analyze results
2 hours
6. Use relevant technologies 6.1 Using relevant technologies 6.1.1 Study /select appropriate technology
6.1.2 Apply relevant technology
6.1.3 Maintain/enhance relevant technology
4 hours
(24 hours)
1. Roster staff 1.1 Rostering staffe 1.1.1 Develop and implement staff rosters
1.1.2 Maintain staff records
6 hours
2. Control and order stock 2.1 Controlling and ordering stock 2.1.1 Maintain stock levels and records
2.1.2 Process stock orders
2.1.3 Manage stock losses
2.1.4 Follow-up orders
2.1.5 Organize and administer stocks
6 hours
3. Train small groups 3.1 Training small groups 3.1.1 Prepare for training
3.1.2 Deliver training
3.1.3 Provide opportunities for practices
3.1.4 Review training
6 hours
4. Establish and conduct business relationships 4.1 Establishing and conducting business relationships 4.1.1 Establish and conduct business relationships
4.1.2 Conduct negotiations
4.1.3 Make formal business agreements
4.1.4 Foster and maintain business relationships
6 hours
(200 hours)
1. Plan and prepare food for a la carte and buffets 1.1 A la carte and buffet food preparation 1.1.1 Plan ala carte and buffet items
1.1.2 Prepare, produce and present foods for ala carte and buffets
1.1.3 Store ala carte and buffet items
20 hours
2. Plan and control menu-based catering 2.1 Planning and controlling menu-based catering 2.1.1 Plan and prepare menus
2.1.2 Control menu-based catering
2.1.3 Practice portion control
20 hours
3. Organize bulk cooking operations 3.1 Organizing bulk cooking operations 3.1.1 Plan kitchen operations for bulk cooking 3.1.2 Organize production of bulk cooking menus 3.1.3 Select systems for bulk cooking 3.1.4 Use preparation and cooking techniques appropriate to the bulk cooking system
20 hours
4. Prepare pates and terrines 4.1 Pate and terrine preparation 4.1.1 Prepare pates and terrines
4.1.2 Present pates and terrines
4.1.3 Develop new recipes
20 hours
5. Plan, prepare and display a buffet 5.1 Buffet planning and design 5.1.1 Plan and design a buffet
5.1.2 Prepare for the buffet
5.1.3 Display food items
5.1.4 Present buffet in a safe and hygienic manner
20 hours
6. Select, prepare and serve specialized food items 6.1 Preparing and serving specialized food items 6.1.1 Select specialized food items
6.1.2 Plan menus and/or promotional strategies
6.1.3 Prepare and present (dishes using) specialized food items
6.1.4 Implement hygienic and safe practices
20 hours
7. Select, prepare and serve specialty cuisines 7.1 Preparing and serving specialty cuisines 7.1.1 Plan specialized cuisine
7.1.2 Select and purchase food for menu items
7.1.3 Select and use equipment and techniques for preparation, cooking and service
7.1.4 Prepare, cook and serve a range of menu items
7.1.5 Implement safe and hygienic practices
20 hours
8. Monitor catering revenue and costs 8.1 Monitoring catering revenue and costs 8.1.1 Establish and maintain purchasing and ordering system
8.1.2 Establish and maintain financial control system
8.1.3 Maintain production control system
8.1.4 Select and utilize technology
20 hours
9. Establish and maintain quality control 9.1 Establishing and maintaining quality control 9.1.1 Establish and implement procedures for quality control
9.1.2 Monitor and solve quality related problems
20 hours
10. Apply cook-chill-freeze production processes 10.1 Applying cook-chill-freeze production processes 10.1.1 Ensure goods received conform to the appropriate food hygiene and health standards
10.1.2 Prepare and cook food to meet industry safety standards
10.1.3 Chill cooked food
10.1.4 Freeze cooked food
10.1.5 Store cooked food under refrigeration
10.1.6 Distribute cook-chill/frozen products
10.1.7 Prepare frozen food for reheating
10.1.8 Re-thermalize (reheat) food products
10.1.9 Maintain and serve reheated food
20 hours

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