COLLEGE >Bartending NC II

Bartending NC II

Units of Competency
Module Title
Learning Outcomes
Nominal Duration
(18 hours)
1. Participate in workplace communication 1.1 Participating in workplace communication 1.1.1 Obtain and convey workplace information
1.1.2 Participate in workplace meeting and discussion
1.1.3 Complete relevant work-related document
4 hours
2. Work in a team environment 2.1 Working in a team environment 2.1.1 Describe and identify team role and responsibility
2.1.2 Describe work as a team member
4 hours
3. Practice career professionalism 3.1 Practicing career professionalism 3.1.1 Integrate personal objectives with organizational goals.
3.1.2 Set and meet work priorities.
3.1.3 Maintain professional growth and development.
4 hours
4. Practice occupational health and safety procedures 4.1 Practicing occupational health and safety procedure 4.1.1 Identify hazards and risks.
4.1.2 Evaluate hazards and risks.
4.1.3 Control hazards and risks.
4.1.4 Maintain occupational health and safety awareness.
6 hours
(18 hours)
1. Develop and update industry knowledge 1.1 Developing and update industry knowledge 1.1.1 Identify and access key sources of information on the industry
1.1.2 Access, apply and share industry information
1.1.3 Update continuously relevant industry knowledge
2 hours
2. Observe workplace hygiene procedures 2.1 Observing workplace hygiene procedures 2.1.1 Practice personal grooming and hygiene
2.1.2 Practice safe and hygienic handling, storage and disposal of food, beverage and materials
2 hours
3. Perform computer operations 3.1 Performing computer operations 3.1.1 Identify and explain the functions, general features and capabilities of both hardware and software
3.1.2 Prepare and use appropriate hardware and software according to task requirement
3.1.3 Use appropriate devices and procedures to transfer files/data
3.1.4 Produce accurate and complete data according to the requirements
3.1.5 Maintain computer system
6 hours
4. Perform workplace and safety practices 4.1 Performing workplace and safety practices 4.1.1 Practice workplace safety, security and hygiene systems, processes and operations
4.1.2 Respond appropriately to faults, problems and emergency situations in line with enterprise guidelines
4.1.3 Maintain safe personal presentation standards
2 hours
5. Provide effective customer service 5.1 Providing effective customer service 5.1.1 Apply effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills to respond to customer needs
5.1.2 Provide prompt and quality service to customer
5.1.3 Handle queries promptly and correctly in line with enterprise procedures
5.1.4 Handle customer complaints, evaluation and recommendations
6 hours
(250 hours)
1. Clean bar areas 1.1 Cleaning bar areas 1.1.1 Clean bar and equipment
1.1.2 Clean and maintain public areas
50 hours
2. Operate bar 2.1 Operating bar 2.1.1 Prepare bar for service
2.1.2 Take drink orders
2.1.3 Serve drinks
2.1.4 Identify and deals customer affected with alcohol
2.1.5 Close/turn over bar operations order form, etc.)
70 hours
3. Prepare and mix cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks 3.1 Preparing and mix cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks 3.1.1 Prepare and mix a range of cocktails
3.1.2 Prepare and mix a variety of non-alcoholic drinks
3.1.3 Use, clean and maintain bar tools, equipment and machineries for mixing cocktails and non alcoholic drinks
70 hours
4. Provide wine service 4.1 Providing wine service 4.1.1 Explain different types of wines to customer
4.1.2 Recommend appropriate wine and food combinations to customers
4.1.3 Prepare wine, glasses and accessories for service
4.1.4 Open and serve wine
4.1.5 Check wine for faults
60 hours

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