JE Mondejar Computer College, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines




Typhoon Haiyan
10 Nov 2013

Dear Friends of JE Mondejar Computer College, 

Minerva and I have decided to make a personal appeal for donations. We learned after days of hope and fear, that Minerva's parents survived typhoon Haiyan. Fortunately the main building of their school has also withstood the brunt of the storm. We are still waiting to find out which relatives, friends, students and teachers have survived.

But we know that no aid convoy has reached the district in which Minerva's parents live. The people have nothing to eat or drink and are so desperate that some have even resorted to violence in an effort to survive. It may take days to coordinate international aid work and supply all the districts with the basic necessities. But once the districts have been stabilized, the international focus on Tacloban will disappear and the citizens will need to completely rebuild their destroyed city.

Minerva's parents founded the Mondejar Computer College, in 1990. It is the first computer College in Leyte, built up over years which provides computer training for the children of the region. Many of the students come from poor families and are supported by the state. Before the typhoon, the school was a training facility for 1500 students, from kindergarten to college level.

The campus was destroyed by the typhoon. Only the main building has withstood the winds and water, and seems to be reasonably intact. We can now deliver relief supplies. Friends of ours in Manila, who come from Tacloban, will deliver the first aid supplies. Unfortunately we can not personally go until the route is safe. Currently the danger of being attacked by gangs on the roads is very high. Unfortunately as a foreigner you are an easy target.

The chaos is unbelievable and shocking, but we are willing - if at all possible - to re-build the school. We do not know how long that will take, but we firmly believe that this city can rise again!

It breaks our heart to see Minerva's hometown suffering and in ruins. With your help, we have a chance to provide the school and its students, faculty and staff a future again. The day when the children of Tacloban can return to school will be a good day.

Even if you can only donate 10 francs, everything counts and is a big help.

We thank all the people in Switzerland who have helped us in these trying time.

Thank you for your support,

Michael Steiner & Minerva Mondejar Steiner

If you would like to send us message, please email us at


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